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At Mantra Coffee Roaster, all coffee beans are roasted with Ceroffee Pro.

Mantra Coffee Roaster is the only authorized distributor of Ceroffee in Turkey.

On this page, you can get brief information about CEROFFEE coffee roasters.

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Experience roasting at your fingertips as ASAL

  • Experience smart roasting literally at your fingertips. Wireless control and monitoring is only possible by downloading the CEROFFEE Pro app to your mobile phone or tablet PC.

  • Open the app and the roasting can be completed with just a few taps.

  • When the preheat temperature is reached or roasting is complete, the alarm will sound simultaneously through the roaster and the app; So you don't even need to touch the CEROFFEE while roasting, except when you put the green beans and remove the roasted beans.

  • Share profiles with CEROFFEE users around the world using CEROFFEE apps.

  • Check and test your CEROFFEE via the control app. When a malfunction occurs, the error code will be displayed and let you know where to check.

  • The QR code that comes with the green beans allows you to use profiles created by experts.

  • It measures and displays the surface temperature of green beans and the internal temperature of the drum in real time.

  • The auto-calibration function for voltage fluctuations ensures that the heater output is stable.

  • At the first roast and every third roast, the roaster and the applicator sound the "hay tray cleaning" alarm for safe and clean roasting.

  • Easy software update via USB.



Detailed settings for roasters

  • Detailed settings for roasters

  • You can set the preheat temperature and the preheat temperature holding time (up to 1 hour).

  • Full control over temperature, time and heater power at any stage allows you to create your own profiles.

  • All the information you need to create a profile will be automatically displayed in the app in real time; temperatures (core and drum), roasting time, heater power, turning point and RoR.

  • When you tap the "1st crack" button in the app, it will automatically calculate and display the "development time" and DTR.

  • Save, copy and modify profiles as you wish and compare up to 3 profiles.



Various features that never existed before

  • Ceramic heater does not make electrical noise.

  • The far-infrared radiation emission from ceramic heaters with the highest output density per unit area ensures that the beans are roasted evenly inside and out, even during light roasting.

  • A large observation window makes it easy to see the entire roasting process.

  • The drum is easily attached and removed for cleaning.

  • To reduce contamination inside the drum and machine, the condensation tray is fitted so CEROFFEE will last longer.

  • An innovative structure that prevents overheating inside the machine makes successive roasting possible.



There is no roaster quite like CEROFFEE

  • High value, affordable price.

  • Using CEROFFEE means saving energy and labor.

  • High energy efficiency minimizes electrical loads.
    {Electricity cost per use: 25 KRW (CRF-800) and 30 KRW (CRF-1600)}

  • No additional electrical, plumbing work and natural gas approvals are required.


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